Pleasure Thresholds: Patricia Tallman’s Babylon 5 Scrapbook

I was having a bad day. Actually it had been a bad few years. Anyway, in this moment, I had just decided I needed to say yes to anything that came my way. The very next phone call was Jaclyn Easton who said something like “Hi, I’m Jaclyn and I published all JMS’ B5 scripts etc, and I understand you have a lot of photos from behind the scenes of B5. I’d like you to put together a book.” And I laughed and said “yes”. Thank you!

This is a scrapbook of my personal photos, and mementos from all the years I did Babylon 5. There are pictures of other shows I worked on during the same period 1993-1998. I tell the stories of the photos and more as I take you on a friendly ramble through my experiences of that time. Warning: This is not for kids! I am uncensored, not that it’s X-rated, but certainly R!

It will be available through on August 17. I will have 50 in progress copies for sale at the San Diego Comicon. My comicon signing schedule is on my Facebook page, and on the Appearances box down right. After Comicon, it will only be available ONLINE AT so check back with us here. The book is $40, cash only at Comicon.
I am very excited about it. I hope you enjoy it!


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