I meant to write during Comicon…I really did! We were staying at the Hotel Del Coronado. It’s an AMAZING place. Built in 1888, it’s a gorgeous Victorian resort on the most perfect beach in California. The internet was v e r y s l o w…. that plus the distractions of the gorgeous beach and perfect weather, not to mention when I finally sat down I passed out from exhaustion, and …well.. I didn’t blog at all. My bad.

We went to the preview night on Wednesday after picking up the badges. I like the new bag design. Making it into a backpack was a little tricky for my little brain. The floor was more packed than I remember it being. I saw a couple of my favorite Steampunk vendors, and got my brother a pocket watch. Saw some gorgeous leather stuff, corsets and jackets. Maybe someday…
We went to the Geek Nation kick off party that Clare Kramer was throwing. Man is she gorgeous. Holly Evans was there. Geeknation.com is coming soon! Can’t wait to see how it goes. I’ve signed up for the newsletter.

Thursday I spent on the beach! Julian went to the convention center. He had a lot of people take his picture and was interviewed by a news team. And he found a Nyan Cat Tshirt that he was very happy about. Only at Comicon…

Friday I was a bit nervose. What if no one wanted my book? It’s been on my mind this whole time, who really wants to read my book? Who cares? When we first got to my assigned table there was a young man from Turkey there already. His first time in America, and he wanted my book! He said B5 was very popular in his country! He got book number 1. Jan Schroeder got the next 4 and we were off!! The 4 hours went incredibly fast. We sold out of the 30 we brought and took orders for more. My agent , Orion Barnes ( isn’t that a great name?) came by to see me. Made me feel important! Steve Sears, of Xena fame, came by to say hello and so did many fan friends I hadn’t seen in ages. It was so fun. Any one else see the Blue Alien? He came by too.

Friday night was 3 parties. We were hitting them with JMS, who had a car take us around so I wore my very pretty but can’t walk much high heeled shoes. You know the type. Well, if I am going to wear the blue dress, they I have to wear those shoes, you know? First we went to Team Roddenberry’s party at Side Bar. I really wanted to see Rod, it had been a year. He is a scuba diver obviously, and I had been diving on the Great Barrier this year and had to gush to a fellow enthusiast. We saw my good friend Julie Caitlin Brown there, looking spectacular.
Next was the CAA party. They are Joe’s agents so we needed to put in an appearance. It was in a very cool club that had one huge room all in white and another all in red. My favorite part was looking into the apartments across the street. Reminded me of NYC for some reason and I got all distracted. We left from there to go to the Warner Bros party at the Hard Rock Hotel. The streets were jammed and we were on a corner waiting for the car for a very long time. My feet were incredibly unhappy. Sense of humor draining fast, I was leaning on the rail at an outdoor cafe when this large cupcake came cruising by on the sidewalk. Startled, I hopped over to where Joe and Julian had been standing, far away from the grumpy person I had become. There was a girl inside! She had her head poking up from the top like a cherry, handing out flyers for this bakery nearby! Humor restored, we got into the car. I hadn’t been to this particular area of the Hard Rock. Julian wasn’t allowed, being under 18 and now I saw why. Dancing on top of platforms were beautiful girls wearing nothing but paint. Awesome. Joe and I walked around this rooftop club for a good while, enjoying the view over the city and dancing over the crowd! He saw folks he knew. I watched the girls. Fun! Fantastic night at Comicon.

Saturday was a later start, thank goodness. I let Julian sleep while I went for a run on the beach. SO beautiful here. Being happy on the ocean is effortless.

We only had Joe’s Spotlight at 2 and a signing at 3 so we hit the floor again. Wandering around, Julian and I found the Weta Booth. I love their stuff. We got a very cool ammo bag and a couple of badge pins from LOTR. I wanted to see some of my friend’s and we found Teal Sherer who is in The Guild, and a good friend of mine, along with her boyfriend Ali Ansaleh. Oops! Time just flew again and we sprinted up to Joe’s talk. Anyone who made it this year will have to agree with me that this was one of his funniest yet. He had a lot of info to share, and I thought he was in great form. The hour flew by. At the signing, I saw even MORE friends like Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal who have a new webseries coming out “Shelf Life”. Check it out! I sold all my books and left a very happy camper.

Saturday night we went to the Old Globe to see The Tempest. If you have a chance, go to see a show here. What a wonderful theatre. Seeing Shakespeare here, in a theatre built exactly like his was originally built in the 1500’s is an experience you need to try at least once.
Sunday we had brunch in the spectacular Crown Room at the Hotel Del. There was more food there than I have ever seen in one place before. And so beautiful. My cousin Bill came to meet us. We had to leave sometime, I guess, one can’t keep a moment frozen forever except in our hearts. This was one of those magical weekends! Can’t wait until next year!