Oh I have been so BAD! Way too busy with the book and not blogging for my peeps. The good news is the new version of the book is SO much bigger, better and more beautiful than the Comicon version. I have doubled the word count, added photos and documents and lots of love. It’s better organized, and I think one section flows into the next in a more organic way. Jason David, my editor and Kirk Lamb , the designer have been killing themselves to make this book amazing. It has a steampunk look to it, cause I love that!
Now for the unexpected part:
We have added features such as a DVD to make this more of an experience. My publisher, Jaclyn Easton had an idea to shoot some content. Joe Straczynski joined in for a surprise too. We’ll reveal all in a couple of days!
I am really excited and I think you’ll be pleased too.
If you haven’t yet, go to www.b5pat.com and sign up for your discount.
I just can’t wait for you to see this.