Is that a bit provocative? What I meant was I am editing, rewriting and adding new chapters. We are also going to add new photos. This is very involved but I think it’s going to be a much better book, and I really can’t wait for your feedback. Thank you so much for the additional questions you have Facebooked, Tweeted and emailed. Feel free to keep ’em coming! What do you want to know, hear about?

My son and I are at the beach this week. We are in the central California coastal area, which I love. Yesterday we were in Morro Bay. Tomorrow, Cambria! I am mostly working on Pleasure Thresholds, but getting at least 2 very long walks ( a couple of hours) a day and visiting a town for ice cream. This is pretty much heaven for me. Julian is a bit bored, but he starts his senior year very soon and that will be crazy for months on end, so a little quiet time is a good thing.

I have to get ready for a conference call with Jason, my editor, and Kirk, my designer ( I feel so important), so this is very short. Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

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