I’ll be posting some updates from the San Diego Comicon so stay tuned!
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JMS is speaking on Friday :
3:00-4:00 DC: Superman— How does The Man of Tomorrow fit into the new DC Universe that rises in September? Find out as group editor Matt Idelson joins new Action Comicswriter Grant Morrison (All Star Superman, Batman Incorporated) and author of the bestselling Superman: Earth One graphic novel J. Michael Straczynski (Superman, Wonder Woman) to take fans new and old up, up, and away to give them a sneak peak at what’s in store for Superman. Room 6DE

Pat is signing Friday 10-2:30 with her new book for sale
“Pleasure Thresholds; Patricia Tallman’s Babylon 5 Scrapbook” special SDCC ( San Diego Comic Con ) in progess copy.. It’s my personal pictures and stories from behind the scenes while we made Babylon 5. The preview is a limited release. I’ll have 50 copies for sale at $$40! (cash only) and include a special Comicon signature page. Come to see me Friday AA10 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. or Sat AA1 3pm-4pm .

2:00-3:00 Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski— Comic-Con special guest J. Michael Straczynski (Thor movie and comic,Superman Earth One, World War Z movie, Babylon 5) talks about…well, we’re never quite sure. He’s fairly incomprehensible. Have you heard him? Stunning, really. Can’t make out a word. We imagine he’ll be talking about writing for movies, TV, comics and so on, but honestly, he could be talking about hydroponics for all we can tell. Translators may be provided if we can ever figure out what language he’s speaking. Room 7AB

We both sign afterwards!