Pat’s Bio

Patricia Tallman has been acting professionally in theatre since she was 15 years old. At Carnegie-Mellon University, Pat received her BFA in Acting as well as the prestigious “Outstanding Achievement in Acting Award.” Pat is best known for her work as Lyta on the hit science fiction series, “Babylon 5”, and as Barbara in the cult film “Night of the Living Dead.” She has worked with such directors as Charles Nelson Reilly, Stephen Spielberg, Nora Ephron, George Romero, Robert Zemeckis, Barry Sonnenfield, Sam Rami, Walter Hill, & Roland Emmerick. With a strong following in the sci fi and horror genres, she has traveled all over the world speaking about the entertainment industry.

Equally important to Patricia are her roles of mother to son her Julian, as well as her fund-raising activities for the children of Penny Lane, a home for abused children.

Through her tireless efforts within the science fiction and horror community, Pat and her fans have contributed more than $250,000 to Penny Lane over the past several years, the bulk of which transformed the CARE Computer Lab dream into reality.

Dedicated Patricia Tallman fans make a hobby of trying to spot her in her many stunt performances. An extremely athletic and former fearless member of the Stunt Woman’s Association of Motion Pictures, Pat has tumbled, slid and taken punches for the likes of Laura Dern (in Jurassic Park), Gates McFadden (in “Star Trek: Generations”), Geena Davis (in The Long Kiss Goodnight) and Laura Prepon (in Karla).

Pat’s roots as a stage actress have never left her, and she continues to tread the footlights in Los Angeles whenever parenting, & film and TV work allow her the time. Her latest projects include Dead Air, a psychological horror film directed by Corbin Bernsen for which her performance is getting great reviews.  

Written by: Barb Powell